About the HFGP

Between August 18th – 21st 2011, hundreds of volunteers from the NE Seattle community came together to build a community gathering place on the Hunter Tree Farm site. This Hunter Farm Gathering Place (HFGP) was completed through a grant received by the Wedgwood Community Council and was made possible by 3 amazing partners: the Hunter Family, Tully’s Coffee, and the Pomegranate Center. Thanks to these partners and the many hands of volunteers, Wedgwood and the greater NE Seattle community now has a more functional place to host formal and informal community events.

Tully's & the Pomegranate Center - Hunter Farms build in Wedgwood from Tully's Coffee on Vimeo.

The NE Seattle community contributed 3,693 volunteer hours to the project between May 2nd and September 17th.  The WCC also contributed $1,000 to the project.  The result of this is an efficiency ratio of $4.40 : $1.00 (value of contribution to value of grant).  Not only that, but many folks also donated skills, materials, or services to the project to extend the budget and make the project that much better.  
These people and businesses were invaluable.