Host An Event

The HFGP has been made available to the community as a gathering place out of the generosity of the Hunter Family.  The Hunter Family welcomes events to occur at the HFGP, although their are some requirements for the formal use of the site.  They have no control over what informally occurs on their property, such as parking at the Post Office, dog walking, or other short-term and temporary uses.

To schedule an formal event at the site, please check the calendar to see if your date(s) are available and then email the Hunter Gatherers to reserve your dates.

Many informal uses occur on the site without the knowledge of the Hunter Family.  Those who freely use the site or its amenities do so at their own risk.  The Hunter family is not responsible for anything that occurs on their private property.

Those who would like to host an event should understand the following:
  • Event Hosts must provide a certificate of general liability insurance naming "HUNTER LAND HOLDINGS LLC" as an additionally insured.
  • Please note that it is the Event Hosts responsibility to acquire the necessary and applicable permits from the City of Seattle, Seattle Fire Department, King County Department of Public Health, and other relevant jurisdictions depending upon your event.
  • Event Hosts and their participants shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including the Seattle Noise Ordinance.
  • If you hope to use the gravel parking lot to the north of the HFGP for your event, please recognize that this lot is owned by the Wedgwood Presbyterian Church.  Event Hosts must coordinate with them for approval to use their parking lot.
  • Event Hosts are responsible for all preparations and clean up for their event, including garbage collection.
  • Depending on the length and needs of each event, their may be a fee required by the Hunter Family to offset the costs incurred.